Welcome and thank you for choosing me, Lindsay Loo Photography to capture you and/or your family members!

List below are some helpful tips on how to make your session run smoothly!

First of all we need to choose a location.  If you don't have one in mind, here are some of the most popular locations:


Parks - Canatara Park is Sarnia, Ontario's largest park and is located on Lake Huron Shore.

Lots of great options for photos in the park and on the beach.

Beach - Canatara's beach is big and beautiful


Natural open field

Urban - Use of brick and buildings and some amazing artwork in downtown Sarnia.



Studio - I have a studio in my home that can accommodate up to 4 people comfortably but have had more.  There isn't a huge amount of space but I know how to get creative to make some awesome images :)


CLOTHES- What to wear

The biggest challenge in getting ready for a photo session has to be choosing what to wear.

There are no rules on what to wear.  The best thing to remember is “be comfortable”.  Remember if you think you look great it will come across in your images.  If you have areas you are not as comfortable with, it would be advisable to wear something that flatters you and your body shape.  Remember this while you are getting young children ready as well.  Make sure they are comfortable or the session won’t go as well as planned. 
For Family sessions I always suggest coordination.  This makes for visually appealing images and looks like you all belong together.  I don’t enjoy the images as much if everyone is too matchy.  Mix it up with the same colour pallet while throwing in some scarves, jewelry, etc..

You can find great examples here on Pinterest.  You can lay out all of the outfit choices beside each other to make sure they look great together.  I suggest avoiding clothing with pictures/words/labels/logos.

Be sure to pay attention to:

Sock choice and the colour and cleanliness of them if in studio.
Pet hair, lint, holes in clothing.  Shoes will also be in your outdoor images.  Men – clean shaven.  Hair done.  Finger nails and toe nails for the adults and the kids.  Clean faces and teeth.  If there is a pimple that you aren’t pleased with, just ask and I will conceal it in your final image :)
Make sure you dress for your environment.  If we are going to go to a nice natural field, a more casual look would look best in my opinion.  You wont appreciate your heels when we are trekking though the paths and fields!